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Call Blast FAQ

Is Call Blast predictive?

Call Blast can throttle it's call rate predictively. When you create a campaign, the system will prompt you for the number of available agents at your call center. Call Blast will intelligently transfer new customers based on the number of live calls are currently in session with your agents.

What are the dialing limits?

Call Blast limits each campaign to a threshold of approximately 1000 simultaneous calls (or 500 agents). If you would like more, please contact us at info@callblast.net.

How much does Call Blast cost?

The cost is 5 cents/minute for successful calls. Call Blast does not charge you for busy or non-answered calls.

Where can Call Blast dial?

Only in the 48 contiguous states in the U.S.

Are there comprehensive campaign statistics?

Yes. Some of the statistics include the number of: uploaded telephone numbers, remaining numbers, live transfers, answering machines, no answers, busy, and errors.

Is there a signup fee? Are there dialing minimums?

No setup fee. Effective May 1, 2010 we no longer accept Paypal or Google checkout. Minimum payment is $20 for services.

Is there on hold music?

Call Blast automatically plays our default on-hold music during transfers. Once connected to your call center, music on hold is ended.

Is there an automatic re-dial feature?

Yes. Call Blast's interface easily allows you to redial numbers from a campaign that you have previously dialed. For example, you may easily redial busy's, no answers, errors, answering machines, live answers, transfers, or any combination of these call dispositions.

What if I require a more complex dialplan?

Contact us at info@callblast.net. We'll be happy to help you configure a more complex dialplan.